September 22, 2020


⦁ The cloud security market is on the rise

According to a report by the Global Market for Security Services Market and Markets between 2015 and 2019, the market for security products and services is increasing worldwide and the demand for Cloud security is leading the way. In fact, the Market for Cloud Security is made by Markets and Markets that predicts a market size of nearly $ 9 billion by 2019.

Things you need to know about cloud security

⦁ 43% of companies encountered data incidents in 2019

By 2014, data breaches have been reported on all major news channels. Big brands like Target, Neiman Marcus, JP Morgan Chase and Home Depot all reported that their data was being tracked and violated. By the end of 2014, the Ponemon Institute reported that 43% of companies experienced a data breach, a 10% increase over the previous year. In addition, the offending data in South Korea has undermined the car credit information of 40 percent of the population.

⦁ It is more public than private

One of the most heated debates about cloud security is the level of security provided by both private and private clouds. Although private cloud strategy can first control more data as well as faster compliance with HIPAA and PCI standards, it is neither safer nor less secure. True security has so much to do with your overall cloud computing strategy and how you can leverage this technology.

AWS opened a third cloud zone area in LondonThe new area is AWS’s 50th all over the worldAWS has achieved third available location in London – 50th worldwide – permitting customers to run their applications on multiple data centers in the UK.Cloud also permit customers to find out more interesting information.AWS has also had the opportunity to proud of a number of businesses that have used UK data centers, such as BBC, BT, Deloitte and Travis Perkins are four of their clients. Besides, there are also a bunch of companies that believe in using the cloud.New to the cloud services of the UK, including Currencycloud, which reduces the cost of infrastructure by 30 percent.In the public region, AWS has emphasize the Office of Meeting as one of its success stories, using the AWS cloud to run iOS and Android applications, which attract more than half a million users with great diffuse power and high altitude. 

Jeff Barr, missionary at Amazon, said: “The AWS EU (London) area has secured PSN’s assurances, providing UK public sector clients with the infrastructure needed to build the public service of the UK.

⦁ Cloud IT initiative in 2019

Both “cloud” and “security” all topped the list of IT initiatives for administrators in the Network World report 105. Thirty-six percent of IT executives rank as security proactively, while 31 percent had the cloud lead their initiatives.

⦁ Storage is considered the most dangerous cloud application.

When most consumers think about the cloud, they seem to think of popular cloud storage as well as their data backup services. Cloud storage is also important for businesses, but it presents its own challenges. More than half of report respondents from the cloud security coalition listed listed as the most dangerous cloud application. The second most dangerous application is financial or accounting applications.

Last but not least, though outside hackers are what most people consider to be the biggest threat to security, employees are equally at risk.

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