September 22, 2020

The Cloud Everything you need to care about cloud computing

The Cloud: Everything you need to care about cloud computing

The cloud in cloud computing is a network of servers where data is stored on the Internet. Cloud is used to store, secure and process data on behalf of local servers or PCs at a rapid and efficient rate. It is operated, developed and managed by the cloud service provider on a server built by virtualization techniques.

Clouds can be classified into the following four categories:

Personal / Mobile Cloud:

Image of the VIA Library from Hsintien, Taiwan (Infographics – CC BY 2.0 (], through Wikimedia Commons.

It’s a cloud service that we use to communicate in our daily lives with our own individual tasks and tasks. We use today’s Android and iPhone to keep our data secure. It’s easier to manage and use. We have synchronized our phones online and secured in one of the safest places even when our phones were lost. We can back up and migrate new device data at any time from the backup we have in the cloud with ease and convenience. We regularly back up our WhatsApp data in this cloud because we feel safe.

Public Cloud:

Image of Rr 750 ~ commonswiki(Private Task) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

In it, the user uses the public cloud that he has registered for a certain period of time. The public cloud can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world just by having the owner’s primary information stored and logged in several times beforehand by the user.

Private Cloud:

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A particular organization only owns a cloud, organization, or enterprise. The reason behind private cloud storage will be the privacy of your data and restricting the sources of unauthorized access that endangers a business.

Available Hybrid Cloud:

Image by EgnyteHybridCloudSolution.jpg: Derivative Works JDC321: Jojalozzo (EgnyteHybridCloudSolution.jpg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], Wikimedia Commons has media related to:

This cloud is a combination of private and public clouds in a unified and harmonious way. It is used by businesses with data that has public access from certain entities with some personal data for authenticated users to access.

Typical Advantages of Cloud:

1. The first major advantage of cloud storage on traditional media is that anywhere it is accessible. Although hard drives provide local and certain access to the information, the cloud provides unlimited access to data over the internet from anywhere and to anyone who is authorized to access it.

2. It is strongly recommended that businesses have emergency plans ready in case emergencies can occur at any time to limit unnecessary risks. Cloud storage can be used by enterprises as a backup plan, providing a second copy of important files for use in the worst possible cases.

3. Businesses and organizations can often reduce their annual operating costs by using a shared cloud to store all their personal and private data on it and store them at a a place for easy searching. It’s much cheaper than physical servers because it saves space and data migration.

4. We get unlimited cloud storage and we pay the way we use it. We can expand our cloud storage whenever we want to serve our work in the most optimal way.

5. There are no installation costs associated with using the cloud; We only need one device with internet access.

Disadvantages of Cloud:

1. The downside of a cloud is quite rare, but one of the biggest downsides is the level of security of the data. Although you have an account on a reliable online data storage site, you are always worried about the potential loss of confidentiality of your data.

2. If your internet connection is not high speed, you may not be able to access the data as you desire to work.

3. Some online storage services have specific bandwidth allowances that cause quite a bit of trouble.If an organization exceeds certain subsidies, additional fees may be significant.

Examples of cloud software are of great interest to:

• Dropbox:

Dropbox is a great cloud hosting service for everyone when using it. It allows you to access your files anywhere, anytime and on any device with the help of the internet.In addition to data storage, it also provides backup and file backup features easily. Dropbox is available for immediate support for various platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile devices. In addition, it offers Dropbox users a new 2GB of free memory to enjoy the benefits of it in the best way.

• Google Drive:

It is a storage cloud software developed by Google and has a certain standing position with users.Google Drive lets you store files in the cloud, sync files on your devices, and share files. It keeps all of our files in a safe and focused location. Google Drive includes other software such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides with benefits that users are quite satisfied with.

• Amazon S3:

AmazonS3 (Simple Storage Service) is a cloud storage service provided by Amazon for massive data storage. It can be used to store and retrieve unlimited amounts of data, anytime, from wherever you want. Amazon Drive is also a cloud storage application set up and managed by Amazon. It provides easy access to documents, music, photos and videos that we have stored on Amazon Drive and retrieve them for our work all the time.

• icloud:

This is the cloud storage offered by Apple Inc to all of its devices with certain capabilities. It stores and retrieves data at any time, even when the device is damaged or lost so you do not have to worry about your data. ICloud Drive securely stores all your files with your iCloud management and gives access to them from any Mac device from anywhere via the internet.

Cloud usage:

• We all use the cloud to back up and secure our mobile data to reduce the amount of data we have to keep in our heads. All social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter use a cloud to store our data there in the public or not.

• Businesses use a cloud to store documents and share them with others for the purpose of collaborating on a business. It helps maintain your data and gives you better opportunity to collaborate and work on a project with others through sharing data with one another.

• Sites like Netflix, Amazon use the cloud to store their video content efficiently and securely.

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