November 1, 2020

Sustainable contact management on all channels

In modern companies, the CIO has no other choice: he has to revamp his IT. With the beginning of digital transformation, traditional IT processes are being put to the test. Especially those responsible for customer service are facing big challenges. The contact center from the cloud increases efficiency and provides a new impetus.

The consultants of Capgemini state: At the moment, the efficiency of IT is “high on the list of requirements of the CIOs”. It also emphasizes: “But you should also take great care to improve business processes. At the same time, the pressure of the specialist departments to deliver faster and respond more flexibly “, say the experts. In other words, the jack of all trades is in demand.

It is therefore understandable that many management levels are currently dealing with the cloud . Current example: The transfer of jobs to the virtual world. 61 percent of German companies surveyed by PAC analysts these days are “cloud affine”. That means they use, plan or discuss cloud solutions for applications in the workplace environment. Today, e-mail, document sharing and conferencing applications are already cloud-based for more than one in five companies.

And the companies’ plans to build and expand cloud solutions in the relevant application areas point to a progressive spread. For most workstation applications, cloud customer base growth is expected to grow by 20 to 30 percent over the next two to three years. The contact center industry in particular is not excluded from this trend. A customer service solution from the cloud massively increases efficiency, reduces costs at the same time and, provided it is of the required quality, optimizes customer experience. Here are some examples.


A technically outstanding quality is guaranteed if the basis of the contact center is the cloud, in its purest form. The prerequisite is that no investment costs for hardware arise and the entire infrastructure is virtualized. Not only on the server side, but also in the client software. This basic structure not only has a positive impact on the financial side, but at the same time maintenance, maintenance and modernization costs are reduced, ie resources are otherwise available in the company. By defined service levels – these must of course be guaranteed by contract – are also clearly handled the handling of downtime and technical problems. That simply means

In addition , providing the contact center in a secure public cloud creates additional benefits , as the high cost of a private cloud solution can sometimes offset the cost benefits of the virtualized center. Important is: An intelligent network as well as a sophisticated security and data management for optimal data protection and data security are not limited to private cloud solutions, but absolutely representable in qualified public solutions. The result is a highly scalable, scalable solution that provides technically advanced, web-based operation without investment risk.


Kaseya Updates Its Cloud-Based IT Management Portfolio. The software vendor releases Version 9 of a new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution and also introduces a private cloud infrastructure.

Kaseya Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) includes Mobile Application Management (MAM) and encrypted, containerized applications for BYOD management of employee-owned devices. Kaseya claims to have optimized the mobility management interface. With Kaseya EMM seamlessly integrated with the Kaseya VSA IT management solution, IT administrators are able to centrally control all their mobile devices, PCs, servers, and networks from a single management console. Used together, the manufacturer said, Kaseya VSA and Kaseya EMM could accelerate user onboarding and increase IT efficiency.

The new private cloud infrastructure included in Release 9, according to Kaseya, uses up-to-date flash memory. It also offers advanced perimeter protection, integrated identity and access management, network intrusion detection, system redundancy, fast failover capabilities, and a high degree of scalability, according to the manufacturer.

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